Capitol Update: A mixture of hope and frustration for freshman rep from PV

first_imgRep. Jerry Stogsdill.Each legislative session, we provide northeast Johnson County’s elected officials with the chance to share their thoughts about what’s happening in the state capitol. Rep. Jerry Stogsdill submits this week’s udpate:Frustration, happiness, irritation and hope; as a new member of the Kansas House of Representatives I seem to have all of these emotions almost on a daily basis. It has been frustrating to see the legislative process proceed at what sometimes seems like a pace that would frustrate a snail. There has also been real happiness when the process works like it should and the House passes the Due Process for Teachers Bill, overrides the Governor’s veto of the House Tax Bill and votes to pass the much needed Medicaid Expansion Bill, all on a single day!It has been irritating to witness conservative members of the House, who chair the majority of the committees, not bring important issues up for a hearing or refusing to let the committees vote on those issues even if they do get a hearing.Fortunately, on most days, I am encouraged by a feeling of hope and optimism when I see Democrats and many of the Republican moderates talking about ways we can work together to address the issues our constituents sent us to Topeka to address. It has been this coalition of all 40 Democrats and a good number of Republican moderates that have passed the most significant pieces of legislation out of the House and on to the Senate.Hopefully, this week will heat up especially after last week when all my Republican Committee Chairs, inexplicably, cancelled EVERY one of our committee meetings! Since I am on the Education, Commerce and Veterans and Military Committees, I am at a loss as to why we failed to hold a single committee meeting last week as we certainly had issues, particularly in Education and Commerce, which needed our attention. This was indeed a frustrating and irritating experience.Many critical issues remain for the Legislature to address this year including the generation of a new tax bill, school finance formula and Medicaid expansion. I am introducing a bill today through the Appropriations Committee that would allow the state to securitize a certain amount of future Lottery revenues to help cover our budget shortfall without, as has been previous practice, putting the remedies for those shortfalls on the backs of our children and students.I am also working to make sure that my Due Process Bill for teachers makes its way into law. My bill to reinstate the Kansas Arts Commission, which is a much needed economic development issue, was tabled this year, without a hearing, by the Commerce Committee chair.I will make sure it is back on the table next January.I am also working with Rep. Willie Dove to see that the growing of industrial hemp (which, no, is NOT marijuana) is legalized in Kansas. Kansas was at one time the nation’s leader in hemp production. Hemp is a perfect dry weather crop for Kansas, has hundreds of uses and will spur economic development in the rural areas of our state. Farmers are in favor of this, it will bring new revenues into Kansas and the only opponents are those that still, wrongly, think hemp is the same thing as marijuana. Hemp has such a strong agricultural history in Kansas that paintings of hemp leaves are a major part of the art work adorning the walls of the Capitol rotunda.On a personal note, I have been very appreciative and impressed by the support, insights, suggestions and questions that I have received from my constituents in the 21st District. I am a better legislator when I can draw on the experience, expertise and the commitment to better government provided by the people of the 21st. I will continue to keep you informed on issues as they develop in Topeka and I look forward to you continued support and input.I ran on a platform that we are stronger, better and more productive when we work together, both in Topeka and here in the 21st District. If anyone ever has any questions or suggestions for me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can find all my contact information on or you can contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] or at 913-579-9208 or 785-296-7692.last_img read more

War-weary Libyans miss life under Muammar Kadhafi

first_imgFive years after an uprising killed Libya’s Moamer Kadhafi, residents in the chaos-wracked country’s capital joke they have grown to miss the longtime dictator as the frustrations of daily life mount.Those living in the capital say they are exhausted by power cuts, price hikes and a lack of cash flow as rival authorities and militias battle for control of the fragmented oil-rich country.“I hate to say it but our life was better under the previous regime,” says Fayza al-Naas, a 42-year-old pharmacist, referring to Kadhafi’s more than four decades of rule.Today, “we wait for hours outside banks to beg cashiers to give us some of our own money. Everything is three times more expensive.”A UN-backed unity government has struggled to assert its authority nationwide since arriving in Tripoli in March, with a rival parliament in the country’s far east refusing to cede power to it.On Friday it suffered a new blow when a rival seized key offices in the capital and proclaimed the reinstatement of a third administration previously based in Tripoli.The turmoil after Kadhafi’s 2011 fall has allowed the Islamic State jihadist group to gain a foothold on Europe’s doorstep after seizing the strongman’s hometown of Sirte in June last year.Forces loyal to the unity government have for five months been fighting to expel the last jihadists from the former IS stronghold, with support from US air strikes since early August.With the loyalists weakened by the anti-IS battle, forces led by a controversial field marshal last month seized key oil terminals to its east, allowing the National Oil Company to resume crude exports.The eastern parliament has thrown its support behind Khalifa Haftar, who presents himself as Libya’s saviour in the face of a growing jihadist threat but is a hugely divisive figure.– ‘Chaos or military rule’ –While his army has ousted most jihadists from Benghazi, the birthplace of the 2011 uprising, his detractors accuse him of working towards the single goal of seizing power to establish a new military dictatorship.“Libyans are forced to choose between two extremes: either chaos with militias and Islamist extremists as the dominant forces, or military rule,” said Libya analyst Mohamed Eljarh.“No other convincing options are on offer,” added Eljarh, of the Rafik Hariri Centre for the Middle East.Haftar’s forces have fought for more than two years to expel jihadists from second city Benghazi, while pro-GNA forces are caught up in fighting IS in Sirte.According to Libya expert Mattia Toaldo, these rival forces might then want to extend their influence in other areas of the country and be met with tough local resistance.“It is hard to think that the country will be stabilised any time soon,” said Toaldo.“Libyans seem to have swapped a repressive centralised authoritarianism with a more decentralised and chaotic form of authoritarianism, be it under militias or under the rule of general Haftar.”The persistent chaos has also enabled human traffickers to step up their lucrative trade in the Mediterranean nation, with hundreds of migrants dreaming of Europe drowning off the Libyan coast.And Libya has been the launchpad of deadly attacks on holidaymakers in neighbouring Tunisia.While some Libyans mourn an easier life under Kadhafi, others stress that the chaos in Libya springs from decades of mismanagement under the dictator.“The struggles of Libyans today are the logical consequence of 42 years of systematic destruction and sabotage” by the state, said Abderrahman Abdelaal, 32, an architect unable to find work in his field.-AFPlast_img read more

Inilah “Neyk,” Rancangan Prototipe Kapal Selam Mewah dengan Kokpit Pesawat

first_imgRancangan prototipe Neyk pertama kali dirilis pada bulan Juni lalu. Kapal selam yang ditawarkan punya panjang 19 meter ini dirancang untuk menembus kedalaman hingga 150 meter. melansir dari (16/7/2017), kapal selam ini tengan dalam proses pembuatan di Belanda. Neyk sendiri merupakan sebuah kolaborasi antara Ocean Submarine, MTU, Bosch dan Rolls Royce. Untuk sekali jalan, kapal selam ini sendiri bisa memuat 20 orang penumpang dan memiliki lebar yang sama dengan pesawat jet pribadi.Interior Neyk menampilkan nuansa mewah yang mencakup dapur, bar dan perpustakaan. Pada kapal selam ini juga bisa ditambahkan landing gear yang bisa berkendara lurus kdi atas deck kapal pesiar yang dirancang khusus sebagai home base-nya. Sebagai kapal selam untuk misi wisata, bagian depan kapal dilengkapi dengan ruang kaca panorama, sehingga penumpangnya dapat melihat pemandangan dengan sudut 270 derajat.Interior Neyk ( kapal selam mengatakan, prototipe Neyk siap diluncurkan pada Januari 2018 mendatang. Martin van Eijk, Pendiri Ocean Submarine mengatakan proyek ini sudah dimulai sejak tahun 2009 dan pembuatan lambung kapal disesuaikan untuk layanan angkatan laut, penjaga pantai dan pasar mewah perkapalan.“Tujuan saya adalah menggabungkan keahlian dalam pesawat terbang, pesawat ruang angkasa dan kapal bawah laut. Hasilnya adalah kapal selam generasi baru yang menampilkan lambung kapal dan menawarkan tingkat kemewahan serta pengalaman unuk di kapal selam,” ujar Martin.Baca juga: Ini 15 Lokasi Persinggahan Favorit Kapal PesiarTak perlu jauh-jauh ke luar negeri, di Indonesia juga sudah ada kapal selam yang bisa membawa penumpang melihat nuansa bawah laut, tetapi hanya mampu masuk ke kedalam 30-45 meter. Namanya Odyssey Submarine dan menjadi satu-satunya kapal selam wisata di Indonesia yang berlokasi di Labuhan Amuk, BaliKapal selam ini dibuat dengan teknologi canggih dan mampu mengangkut 36 orang penumpang yang membawa pelancong melihat keindahan bawah laut tropis. Perjalanan para pelancong juga pastinya aman karena dipandu oleh pilot dan kopilot berpengalaman.kokpit kapal selam Neyk ( Submarine ini bertenaga baterai sehingga sangat ramah lingkungan dan di desain serta dibuat secara ekslusif oleh salah satu afiliasi pemimpin dunia dalam teknologi kapal selam, Internasional Submarine Engineering Ltd of Vancouver, Kanada, Odyssey Submarine II dengan standar paling ketat.Odyssey Submarine Bali (Water Sport Bali)Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedTravelers Penyuka Diving Wajib Tau! U-Boat Worx Luncurkan Kapal Selam Paling Ringan27/04/2020In “Destinasi”MSC Meraviglia, Kapal Pesiar Terbesar dari Mediterranean Shipping Cruises14/06/2017In “Destinasi”Mengenal “Gouverneur Generaal Loudon,” Kapal Penantang Tsunami Krakatau yang Kandas Ditelan Laut Flores27/08/2020In “Analisa Angkutan” Neyk, kapal selam mewah ( Kapal selam mini (submerged) yang dirancang untuk keperluan wisata bawah air sudah sering kita dengar keberadaanya. Masuk sebagai wahana premium, kapal selam mini dihadirkan untuk memuaskan sensasi pelancong pada dunia bawah air, sesuatu yang lazimnya hanya bisa dirasakan awak kapal selam militer. Bahkan karena dirancang untuk wisata, kapal selam wisata hadir dengan kaca-kaca pantau untuk melihat panorama.Dan seperti halnya kapal selam militer yang teknologinya terus berkembang, segmen kapal selam wisata pun tak luput dari sentuhan inovasi baru. Memang belum sampai menyentuh level ‘laut dalam,’ namun kapal selam wisata yang diberi label “Neyk” ini punya kesan istimewa. Masih dalam proyek pembangunan prototipe, Ocean Submarine selaku inisiator proyek Neyk telah melansir beberapa citra kapal selam ini, yang disebut-sebut punya kabin nan eksklusif laksana ruang kelas satu di jet pribadi. Tak itu saja, Neyk berbeda dengan kapal selam konvensional, pasalnya ruang kemudi kapal selam sepanjang 19 meter ini dirancang mirip dengan kokpit pesawat penumpang modern, lengkap dengan monitor-monitor dan tombol navigasi.Baca juga: MSC Meraviglia, Kapal Pesiar Terbesar dari Mediterranean Shipping Cruiseslast_img read more

Tucker reportedly won’t re-sign with Ravens if no deal by Friday

first_imgLess than 24 hours prior to the deadline to sign franchise players to long-term contracts, negotiations have apparently turned ugly between kicker Justin Tucker and the Ravens.According to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the 26-year-old says he will not entertain the possibility of signing a long-term deal with Baltimore after the 2016 season if an agreement is not reached by Friday’s 4 p.m. deadline. Tucker has repeatedly expressed optimism about signing a long-term contract, but his agent, Robert Roche, painted a different picture on Thursday.“Justin’s disillusioned with the process right now and the Ravens position with him on his contract,” Roche told ESPN. “If we don’t get a long-term deal done by Friday, Justin will not entertain offers from the Ravens after the season.”The report claims that Baltimore lowered its latest offer from previous ones on Thursday and the amount was less than the four-year, $16.1 million deal signed by Green Bay’s Mason Crosby earlier this offseason.Of course, Roche’s comments are being viewed by most as a negotiating tactic, but it’s no secret that media-driven ploys do not sit well with general manager Ozzie Newsome, who rarely speaks to reporters. Still holding nearly $13 million in salary cap space with Tucker’s $4.572 million tag on the books, the Ravens are hardly in a position where they need to give in if he is looking to set a new and lucrative standard for kicker contracts.Tucker signed his franchise tender in early March and attended spring organized team activities and June’s mandatory minicamp.The four-year, $17.2 million agreement with $10.1 million guaranteed awarded to New England’s Stephen Gostkowski last summer is the richest kicker deal in NFL history with many outsiders considering it a reasonable point of reference for the negotiations with Tucker, who is five years younger but has three fewer Pro Bowl invitations to his name.It’s also worth noting that the Ravens would have the option to use the tag on Tucker again next year if he were to follow through with the intention not to negotiate after the 2016 season. Giving him the franchise tag in 2017 would cost 120 percent of this year’s salary, which would come out to just under $5.5 million.With that reality in mind, Tucker would be justified asking for nothing less than $10 million guaranteed in any long-term deal, which would be the sum of the tag amounts for 2016 and 2017.last_img read more

Russell Okung health update: Chargers tackle (blood clot) says he could return this week

first_img“Being sidelined after suffering a pulmonary embolism earlier this year has been an intense battle that I’m thanksful to put behind me. … Looking forward to being back in action!”NFL Media reported Thursday that Okung’s agent and the Chargers have worked out a restructured deal that will allow the veteran to earn the entire $13 million he was orginally slated to make this season, even though his pay was automatically reduced while he was on the non-football injury list to open the season. Related News More on Russell Okung’s contract, per agent JI Halsell. He made $2M on NFI over 6 weeks (was to be $5.5M if he was on all of ‘19). The #Chargers made him whole, so he’ll earn $1M per week — getting him to $13M. If he’s not active this week, a roster bonus makes up the difference.— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) October 17, 2019Okung revealed June 1 that he experienced “unusual chest pain at practice” and decided to visit urgent care, where it was revealed he had a pulmonary embolism, a serious condition in which a blood clot gets lodged in an artery in the lung. He was told by doctors that the decision to seek treatment likely saved his life.”When detected early, this condition is very treatable and I’m grateful to have access to the best available care as I continue on the path to recovery,” Okung wrote, in part, at the time. “Thanks to an incredible medical team and a very supportive family, I hope to be back on the field as quickly as possible.”While near-death experiences are certainly a wake-up call, I’m feeling great physically. It’s not an ankle or shoulder. As soon as doctors clear me, my plans include blocking #17’s blind side all the way to Miami.”Statement on Reported Injury Status— Russell Okung 🇳🇬 (@RussellOkung) July 25, 2019Trent Scott, who has started in Okung’s spot at left tackle this season, is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Titans at Tennessee. Jalen Ramsey injury update: Newest Ram (back) hopes to play Sunday GM Tom Telesco shortly aftere Okung was treated said there was no timetable for his return to action.Okung, who turned 31 last week, was selected sixth overall by the Seahawks in 2010 and remained in Seattle until he signed a one-year deal with Denver in 2016.He signed a four-year, $53 million contract with the Chargers the following year. Chargers offensive tackle Russell Okung, who was treated this summer for a blood clot in his lung, announced Thursday that he could return to action as soon as this Sunday.Okung prefaced a tweeted statement with, “Oh happy day!” and then said, in part, in the statement: “I’ve been looking forward to this day for several weeks and I’m excited to officially announce that I will be back to football as early as Week 7,” adding his thanks to his agent who helped him “navigate this unique scenario with the Chargers front office” and to fans for their care and compassion.last_img read more

Pattaya Sports Club helps Thailand badminton

first_imgThe overall winners at the Thailand National Junior Badminton Championships in Chonburi pose for a group photo. I felt exhausted and I had only been sitting down watching the finals of the Thailand National Junior Badminton Championships which Pattaya Sports Club has been supporting for many years. The Governor of Chonburi, Khun Witchit Chatphaisit, and the Vice President of The National Olympic Committee of Thailand, Prof. Charoen Wattanasin, were also very impressed. The standard was incredible and very fast for all the singles and doubles groups. A standard has, this week, been set for them for a Thai lady has risen to No. 32 in the world rankings.Sixteen-year old Rachanok Inthanon, World Junior Champion for 2009 and 2010, has this recently won the Vietnam Badminton Open and last week, won the Indonesian Open Tournament, to rise from No. 68 to No. 32 in the world rankings. She has just been awarded the IOC – Sport Inspiring Trophy for the Young 2010. It’s certainly something for all the competitors at the recent tournament in Chonburi to aim for. Well done Rachanock!last_img read more

Search 2.0 – What’s Next?

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting emre sokullu 1 Image SearchImage Search has been around for a very long time, but to be frank it’s still veryprimitive. What most image search engines do is just look for text around images andexamine the image tags. Riya was the first to introduce advanced face recognitiontechnologies in image search. This obviously requires a lot of computing power and justbecause of this, Riya’s weekly burnrate is supposedly over $100K. Co-founded by web 1.0veteran Munjal Shah and face recognition gurus Burak Gokturk and Azhar Khan, Riya is nowentering a whole new space – “search by likeness” with This may come in veryhandy, for example when you try to find a watch that is similar to the one you have adigital photo of. That’s why Riya is expected to make partnership deals with, or getacquired by, e-commerce companies like Amazon and eBay. It’s worth noting that Riya wasonce in acquisition negotiations with Google, but this never happened – and Google endedup acquiring another face recognition company, Neven Vision. So we can conclude thatGoogle is pursuing this technology very closely!Approach Enhancements (Vertical Search)Vertical search is a relatively new discipline in search. Basically, vertical engineslook up a very limited subset of the internet – so they are more efficient than genericsearch engines. Because their search area is not so broad, they can adapt themselves forthe specific needs and common points of their area of focus. We won’t go in too muchdetail about vertical search engines, as it has already been covered in a recentarticle in Read/WriteWeb. But we can categorize the major vertical engines this way:Jobs:, (India), (Canada), (Hong Kong)Travel:,, Mobissimo.comHealth:,,,,,,, Google HealthClassifieds:, Oodle.comBlogs: Technorati, Bloglines, Blogger Search, Sphere, FeedsterSource Code:, Krugle, Google CodeConclusionThe innovation in search does not stop and there’s much to look forward to in thesearch space. What’s more, Google and Yahoo search APIs and the open source Nutch andDMOZ projects allow anyone to try out new ideas. Nutch, supported by Yahoo and shielded underApache SoftwareFoundation, is providing a free global search engine. DMOZ gives you a very large open source web directory editedby volunteers. Google will have a hard time competing not only its big adversaries like Microsoft,Yahoo and Ask – but also the ambitious startups that are opening new dimensions andbringing forth new approaches. We will probably hear of acquisitions in this space aswell. We may not have covered all the promising new search offerings here, so please let usknow your feedback in the comments below. Also let us know which of the above approachessounds the most promising to you – and why. Written by Emre Sokullu and edited by RichardMacManusYou may feel relatively satisfied with the current search offerings of Google, Yahoo,Ask and MSN. Search today is undoubtedly much better than what it was in the second halfof the 1990’s. But Internet search is still in its infancy and there’s much room forimprovement. Moreover, the super high valuation of Google on NASDAQ pushes investors andresearchers to find better search solutions – to be The Next Big Thing. And thesewannabes are not only working on discovering better indexing techniques, they’reexploring new horizons like vertical engines, meaning-based search, intent-driven search,new clustering methods, and much more. In this post, we look into latest trends in thesearch industry. We have positioned the latest search trends into 3 main categories:UI EnhancementsTechnology EnhancementsApproach Enhancements (Vertical Engines)UI EnhancementsSnap Snap promises a betterinterface for search, using the latest advancements in browsers and AJAX technology.Although there were earlier, similar implementations, preview powered search isperhaps the biggest innovation of Snap. With Snap’s preview powered search, you don’tnecessarily need to visit the site to see if it satisfies your needs – you can see adynamically loaded screenshot in the right side of your window. According to a Microsoft study, usersspend 11 minutes on a typical search – so potentially Snap can radically shorten thistime. Another benefit is that it allows you browse the search results with a few keystrokes, which is another big usability enhancement. However it’s worth noting that Snapis slow to process searches as a result, because there’s too much Javascript and it’s tooheavy for most modern browsers and hardware. Also, from a technology point of view, Snapdoesn’t have much to offer – it uses Ask’s existing technology. However they haveintroduced a power of masses approach with options for “This page is Junk” and“This page is Perfect”. Snap’s real time query recommendation is also a little similar to an idea once testedat Google Labs. All in all, Snap doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but it’s a goodmashup of some of the innovative ideas in search that we’ve seen in the last fewmonths.SearchMash SearchMash is actually aGoogle site, to test their latest search innovations. SearchMash follows the basic Googleprinciple – it’s cutting-edge, but still plain and simple. When you do a typical websearch, you also see image, blog, video and Wikipedia results in the right side of thescreen. And there’s absolutely no noticeable speed loss, thanks to AJAX. Basically it isa shortcut to reach all the information you need. The best innovation of SearchMash is perhaps the “More web results” bar. I stronglyrecommend Google find a way to implement it into their default engine immediately. Itmakes it much easier to browse the search results. When you need more information, simplyclick on “More web results” and new results appear at the bottom – enabling you tocontinue scrolling down on the same page, instead of opening a new page. SearchMash alsoallows you to give feedback about the results; this may be a sign of the introduction ofpower of masses into Google Search. All in all, SearchMash shows that while Google continues to keep itself simple, italso has absolutely no intention of giving way on the innovation front to upcomers. Allof the new features in SearchMash are discussed on their About, the new internetinitiative of Microsoft, had many innovative ideas at the beginning. However as Vista’sofficial release date gets closer, it has become a much more traditional searchengine. Besides the technology advances in their algorithms, which Microsoft hopeswill enable it to compete with Google, there are/were many UI enhancements as well. Thereused to be, for example, an infinite scrollbar in – but this seems to have beenremoved for the final public release. Most innovations in the image search interface have been kept though – the tieredzooming feature is the most blatant one. Live’s Image Search offers seamless userexperience enhancements. The infinite scrollbar functionality fits very well and savesyou from the hassle of clicking and waiting. And Scratchpad functionality allows you topick your favourites and compare them smoothly. Overall we can conclude that Live’s interface, when compared to old MSN and Microsoftsites, got more simple and Google-like. Technology AdvancementsSearch forMeaning by Hakia Hakia’s motto is “Search forMeaning”. Founded by seasoned nuclear scientist Riza Berkan, Hakia has raised more than $30M so far, mostly from European private investors. With Hakia youdon’t search keywords, instead you directly ask questions to the search engine. Hakiamakes deep semantic analysis on the pages they crawl. It introduces a new mosaic-likeindexing method called QDEX (Query Detection and Extraction).Despite all these nice promises, currently Hakia does not always return the correctresults. However they’re still in public alpha release and the company is set to debutits full operations in Jan, 2007. After this date, we will have a better chance to judgeHakia’s capabilities. Note that Hakia works on top of Microsoft technologies.Also see Read/WriteWeb’srecent post reviewing Hakia.Clustered Search of Vivisimo and Ask Neither Vivisimo nor Ask are new companies. Both offer clustered search, which meansfragmenting the results of your query so that users can see related terms and go deeperor broader in their data mining. Vivisimo was the first to offer it and it’s very usefulin cases where you are researching a topic that you’re completely new to. Ask’s approachis less dense than Vivisimo’s and is somehow similar to Live’s related results feature.But as stated above, clustered search is probably not something you’ll need all the time– it’s more a side feature that may be helpful in some cases. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img Tags:#search#web Read/WriteWeb profiledAsk last month.Intent-Driven Search by Yahoo! This is a brilliant idea.Yahoo’s research project Mindset brings you results according toyour search purposes. For instance, when you enter “Rolex Watches” in the search box, youmay be willing to buy a Rolex Watch or make an encyclopedic research about the company.Yahoo’s intent-driven search allows you to specify your intent and get the most relevantresults. Note that intent-driven search is still in a very early phase, but it’s very promisingfor mainstream users.Google’s Ori AlonIn April this year, Google bought a patented technology that allows them to showrelated terms after your query. For example, if you search information on the War ofIndependence, this technology gives you a list of related words – like Etzel, Palmach,Ben-Gurion. The patent was taken by an Israeli phD studying in Australia. Google has notreleased this feature yet on Google or SearchMash, but it is expected to be shown soon.Also, it is rumored that Microsoft and Yahoo were also after this patent, but Google wonthe and Power of Masses You may ask, what is doing in between all thesesearch sites – isn’t it just a bookmarking system? Well, the answer is both yes and no.While it’s true that it’s a bookmarking site, Yahoo probably didn’t buy them just forbookmarking. Actually is also a great tool that empowers the search resultsof any search engine. Because when you bookmark a site, this indicates the site is auseful resource – so its “pagerank” should be increased. In other words, canactually be used as a search engine, fueled by the power of masses principle. is not alone in this – Wink and Snap are also trying to use the power of massesin their search offerings. Supposedly, Google also uses some sort of power of masses with their PersonalizedSearch and Google Toolbar offerings.NLP (Natural Language Processing) powered Powerset While still in stealth mode,Powerset has already raised $12.5M in pre-money valuation from several venture capital companies and angelinvestors like Reid Hoffman, Luke Nosek and early Googlers Aydin Senkut and Zain Khan.The difference between Powerset and the traditional search engines is that while typicalsearch engines like Google and Yahoo don’t take into account stopwords (by, after, the,etc), stopwords are a very important part of the engine for Powerset. Why? BecausePowerset relies on a semantic capability that can be triggered by using these stopwords.So while the “book by children” and “book for children” queries return exactly the sameresults in Google, Powerset evaluates them separately and somehow cares about yourstopwords as well.Personalized Search Palo Alto based Collarity is a very new companyentering into the personalized search area. The question that pushed them into thischallenge is: “Why are your search results exactly the same as the next person’s searchresults?” This is not a very new idea – Google (with its Kaltix acquisition in 2003) andothers already offer this feature, albeit weakly. However Collarity seems very strongwith their innovative interface (Collarity Slider), outsourced approach (CollarityCompass) and promising technology.Social Search Read/WriteWeb has covered the area of social search very thoroughly alreadyin twoarticles in July byEbrahim Ezzy. Two good examples are Eurekster’s Swicki and Rollyo. Swicki is a community-driven search engine that allowsusers to create deep, focused searches on a specific niche – and ‘learns’ from itscommunity. Rollyo allows users to create and publishtheir own personal search engines, based on websites they decide to include in their“SearchRoll”. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts last_img read more

The Intel Manageability Channel: All Manageability, All the Time!

first_imgSincerely.Kathy FarrelManageability Community ManagerIntel® Software [email protected] ISN BlogOffice – 415.895.1226 Cell – 505.400.2548 Have you visited the Intel Software Network Manageability Community lately? There have been some recent changes that I’ll speak to in a few minutes. But if you have never been to the community I ask that you check us out. Our community is comprised of software developers and our site serves as an engineering resource for Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) and Intel® vPro™ Processor Technology, whether you are just learning about the technology (Start Here Guide) or an experienced user (Architecture Guide: Intel® Active Management Technology, Intel® Active Management Technology Use Cases ). At our community site you can download our latest product offerings including the Remote Encryption Management SDK.Recent Community Changes include: New Community Manager (that would be me) who wants to provide what you need for successful work. I always welcome feedback! Some look and feel changes including a kind of Start Here place to help you quickly find what you are looking for as soon as you arrive. Our forums are excellent places for Q&A and we’ve got engineers available to answer your question. Manageability Community Blogs are a great opportunity for members, inside and outside Intel, to share expertise and to initiate and contribute to lively discussions on issues that are currently being experienced in our world. (Here is a great sample that features info on soon-to-be available technology: Intel KVM: This is your SOL on Steroids.) It is also the perfect place to demonstrate leadership and develop professionally. center_img Community Member at Large (outside Intel) designation – we’ve chosen one and we’ll be sharing his contributions shortly. This program indicates our strong desire for community participation. New article links such as that for WS-Man. Please come to visit us and see what we can do for you! Bring your ideas, suggestions, questions and opinions to our party!last_img read more

Vieira: ‘Why is Ronaldo unhappy?’

first_img Watch Serie A live in the UK on Premier Sports for just £11.99 per month including live LaLiga, Eredivisie, Scottish Cup Football and more. Visit: Former Juventus player Patrick Vieira insisted it’s important to understand “why Cristiano Ronaldo is unhappy” at the Allianz Stadium. “There will be some frustration.” Ronaldo left the stadium in anger after being substituted during the 1-0 win over Milan on Sunday and the Nice coach warned Juventus need to sort it out quickly. “This shows how difficult it is to be a coach,” Vieira told Sky Sport Italia. “Ronaldo is of different class, together with [Lionel] Messi and Neymar, they are the image of football today.” Ronaldo responded with a short message on Instagram yesterday and coach Maurizio Sarri defended the player during the press conference after the game. “It’s important to understand why he is unhappy,” added the French World Cup winner. “From the outside, it seems like he is going through a difficult period. When a player like him stops scoring, there will be some frustration.” Paulo Dybala came on for Ronaldo during the second half against the Rossoneri, and eventually he decided the game for the Bianconeri, scoring the only goal. “I am not surprised to see Juventus always in first place, as here the player is at the service of the club and when things are clear, the player can give his best on the field. “At Juventus, the club is the real star.”last_img read more

Raheem Sterling is Nikes new face in new ad fighting racism

first_imgRaheem Sterling follows Colin Kaepernick’s footsteps and becomes the face of a new Nike ad campaign fighting racism in sports.Raheem Sterling has teamed up with Nike for an advertisement tackling the racist abuse that the Manchester City forward went through in the game against Chelsea last weekend. Sterling’s advert is a close-up of his face with text over it that says: “Speaking up doesn’t always make life easier. But easy never changed anything,” according to the Telegraph.Nike started this ad campaign earlier in the year with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick was the starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers when he started taking a knee during the national anthem to protest the killings of young black men by cops in the United States.His deal with Nike stirred even more controversy than when he was in the NFL, where has yet to return to since his contract with the 49ers expired.last_img read more