L4LM Exclusive Interview: Alan G. Parker – Director of Upcoming KISS Documentary

first_imgLive for Live Music was fortunate enough to get an exclusive interview with filmmaker Alan G. Parker, who is currently working on the official KISS documentary, which is set for release in theaters in 2014. We discuss everything from the film, working with Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Lydia Criss, and the entire KISS crew, and the difficulties of pleasing everyone involved, to his obvious admiration and fan status for the band and what it is like to be a member of the Kiss Army directing the official documentary on them. -Bob WilsonKISS has an official documentary being filmed now, to be released in theaters in 2014 from Universal Studios. Lydia Criss, Richie Fontana, and director Alan G. Parker talked to Live For Live Music music with some insider info for the faithful in the Kiss Army. Lydia is the former wife of Kiss drummer Peter Criss, and is a Kiss historian and archivist, as seen in her book SEALED WITH A KISS. Richie Fontana is her longtime flame, and drummed on the first four tracks of Paul Stanley‘s 1978 solo album.Parker is the chosen director for the new Kiss project entitled YOU WANTED THE BEST…YOU GOT THE BEST (coming in 2014). His past films include HELLO QUO! (2013), NEVER MIND THE SEX PISTOLS, WHO KILLED NANCY (2010), MONTY PYTHON: ALMOST THE TRUTH (2009) and REBEL TRUCE: THE STORY OF THE CLASH (2007). Lydia Criss said that she was on “Gene’s wish list” (no, not that wish list!), of subjects to be interviewed for the film. She was first “approached via email”, but she was not immediately certain that the project was for her. At first she “hemmed and hawed”, but then she came around, deciding to participate.Then, about two months later, Parker came to film her in her apartment with a “six person crew.” Parker is described by Lydia as being a “big Kiss fan”, and as making her feel at ease during “a three hour interview.” Lydia joked that perhaps she was desirable for the project because she “was there”, as they say. As well as being one of those who were on the scene who “still have their memory intact.” Lydia’s longtime beau Richie Fontana remarked that the group of ex-wives and musician friends comprise “a family.” With the Billy Squier-led band Piper, Fontana “opened for Kiss at the groups Madison Square Garden shows on the band’s LOVE GUN TOUR” in 1977. Both bands were managed by the Bill Aucoin Firm, so they knew of one another. In fact, when Peter Criss left Kiss, Fontana was considered as his replacement. “My name came up in discussions, but Kiss had not ‘unmasked’ yet.” Had Fontana not been in publications such as CIRCUS MAGAZINE in photos with his band PIPER, he may have joined Kiss instead of Eric Carr in 1980. The Kiss mystique required someone that the public had not seen without makeup before.For the Madison Square Garden shows, Fontana recalls a “giant bottle of Tanqueray and fruit” arriving to celebrate his birthday on December 17th, and a limousine arriving to drive him to the shows. Today, Lydia meets fans at Kiss conventions, and signs copies of her book and photos for avid fans. One such convention was held recently in Helsinki, Finland, with the band also in town for a show on June 3rd, 2013. Lydia attended, and remarked that this was her “first Kiss show since the Psycho Circus Tour which featured all four original Kiss members onstage through parts of 1998 and 1999. She was given “ground level seats, but we didn’t want to (stay) there.” So she “switched seats” with some appreciative fans, and she watched the show from the perch from which the professional rock photographer took the shots depicting the band’s Helsinki show (see photos). “Paul Stanley designed most of the stage, and lighting”, and she remarked it was the most impressive such design she had seen since her lens focused on the band Queen.Last week, Lydia said Kiss (with new members Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer) were running around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Simmons and Stanley were said to be in full makeup, but wearing suits (which brings to mind the band’s classic 1975 DRESSED TO KILL album cover). Lydia said she did not see the performance, but the group apparently played in New York’s Greenwich Village. Lydia went on to say that we can look forward to the likes of Jimmy Page, David Coverdale, and Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee to also be interviewed in the forthcoming film.Now we move on to the thoughts of Alan G. Parker:PART 2: INTERVIEW with ALAN G. PARKERL4LM: You have been reported as a KISS fan, as well as a rock documentarian. -Do the two lines cross, and if so how do you deal with that?Alan: This one is a big one, capitol B, it’s the one I wanted to make from as far back as I remember… I first joined the KISS ARMY when I was 14! So that’s 34 years of commitment in any language… Am I a fan? Yes, a totally rabid one with a collection that grows almost every week!! But, am I clever enough to step back and look at the whole story rather than my favorite bits?… Yes of course, I have to be that too, understanding the format of good documentary is the only way we made Python, Quo or Nancy work… You just have to remove yourself from the subject matter enough to see it through new eyes…L4LM: What has the band asked you to produce (what point of view)?Alan: The idea is to produce a long form cinematic documentary, somewhere in the area of two hours plus, which travels a time line from Wicked Lester, or if you like Paul & Gene actually first meeting, right up to present day with ‘Monster’ and, of course, The Spider Tour… And everything that fills the gaps for those 40 years in-between… Of course being KISS there is no shortage of the ‘everything’ we need to fill those gaps!L4LM: How will the points of view of Ace and Peter be covered?Alan: At first, being the fan, I was more than happy for both Ace & Peter to be in the movie, as indeed were the group and it’s management, but then to some degree the none-sense began, he wants this… He said that… I’m taking my ball home so no one can play! We made everything so easy for them to be involved, and like so many times before they made everything difficult about being involved… In the end, we decided to give them their say, and they will be in the movie… But via archive… Life is too short for that kind of stuff… But remember this, the door was always 100% open for both of them…L4LM: Lydia Criss mentioned that she was on Gene’s “wish list”? Anyone else on that list you can tell us about?Alan: Before we shot a second of interview footage, the group gave us a wish list of people they would like to take part… It was a long list too… Including people from behind the scenes and a number of famous rock stars… Every effort was made to contact all the people on that list… Lydia would always have been on my list because I loved her book, but I wasn’t sure what everyone else thought about me speaking with ex-wives! But, all fairness to Gene, from the day I first mentioned her name he was very much “Sure, she must be in it!”…L4LM: What areas did you delve into with Lydia Criss, if you can tease us with a bit of what to look forward to?Alan: All kinds of everything. Her memory for a story is incredible… She tells it very much like it is/was too… I’m not one for teasing at this stage, I’ve no idea what will make the cut… We still have a long way to go yet… But just lets say nobody is going to be disappointed by her… Or any of her stories…L4LM: Any exciting concert footage, and maybe a soundtrack for us to look forward to?Alan: Oh boy, we have mountains of footage covering all areas of the groups existence… I have a huge bootleg collection too! So I will be doing a lot of digging before I do any gardening!! As with the previous documentaries that we have made, I’ll make sure there is footage included for die-hard fans and a few things for those people who truly just need to know the story… The ‘casual punter’ as we call them… With regard to a soundtrack, at this stage I just don’t know…L4LM: As a “fan” myself, I wondered about the Dynasty-era, which seems to have been the when the seams came loose, leading to Ace and Peter eventually leaving. Will you cover that? Anything you can expound upon here?Alan: We’ve got to cover the ‘Dynasty’ period… That would be like making a documentary on Slipknot and not mentioning the masks?? It was the fall of the Roman Empire… Big hit single and no-one actually speaking to each other?? The solo albums, the TV movie, everything should have been perfect for the group… Then you watch The Today Show and realize just how much tension is going down… Don’t worry, that area of the story is safe…L4LM: Gene is a complex character. I was always deeply moved by his family history at the hands of the Nazis in WWII. Will you get into that at all?. -Those experiences seem to have affected his worldview immensely. The story seems to have been influenced by that, in that it affected Gene so deeply.Alan: It is going to be touched upon in the lead up to their story and indeed how they develop as people… Chalk and Cheese, yet both working for the same aim… They truly are brothers from two mothers… And we do have Gene talking about his beginnings and family…L4LM: The THREETLES played together a bit at the end of ANTHOLOGY. -Any chance the original KISS members may give fans a new song or a jam together?Alan: I wouldn’t have thought so… And for this movie I’d find it hard to see why… ‘The Threetles’ was born out of an old Lennon demo and the want to do something new with it… Remember Ace & Peter barely play on ‘Psycho Circus’ which was the last attempt at anything like that…L4LM: Was Vinnie Vincent involved in this film? Can you talk about that a bit (either way)?Alan: Vinnie wont be in the movie outside archive, that was a decision made by everyone very early on… To be honest, I don’t see a need for him to take part, that’s just my personal opinion… There are many reason why it just doesn’t work…L4LM: The Eric Carr era brought us a wonderful, fan friendly drummer. Will you cover him in the film?Alan: Speaking as a fan rather than a Director for a moment Eric was one of the best, and a big part of KISSTORY… We have been in contact with his family from the minute we got this thing green lit… Eric will be a big part of the movie, his personal story is already covered by a good number of our interviewees… Everybody, all 10 members of KISS, will appear on screen in order to tell the story… Just that in some cases it will come from archive, at times un-seen archive… So there is a lot to look forward too… And as with all our previous movies we don’t skimp on extras either…L4LM: Is this along the lines of your work on STATUS QUO, THE SEX PISTOLS, or THE CLASH? How has this experience been different so far?Alan: I think of those three it’s going to be closer to Quo than any of the others… Although it is already taking on a shape of it’s very own… I’ve learnt a lot about film making since we started, and it’s worth mentioning that in the early days as with any new Director I was making things for TV or straight to DVD… The very angle of cinema gives you a way bigger canvas to paint on…L4LM: Can we expect a bigger tour with the release of the film? -Any chance the original four might wind up doing it again if you have a big hot here?Alan: Oh dear, don’t get me involved in that one! I am but a humble film maker sir… Anything like that would be totally up to KISS…KISS Official Website: http://www.kissonline.com/ Alan G. Parker’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/alan.g.parker.1 Lydia Criss’ website: http://www.lydiacriss.com/ Richie Fontana’s website: http://richiefontana.com/last_img read more

Texas Town Pays Ted Nugent $16,000 To Cancel July 4th Performance

first_imgThere are a lot of incredible aspects to this amazing story, so we’ll need to examine each detail very closely.At some point in the past, the town of Longview, Texas booked uber-conservative singer/songwriter Ted Nugent for a July 4th concert, because, I guess no gig is beneath ol’ Mr. Nugent. Apparently it’s hard to find performance work after you publicly refer to the President of the United States as a “sub-human mongrel.”In light of those comments, and of the bad publicity that the Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott recieved by accepting Nugent’s endorsement, the fair citizens of Longview reconsidered their booking. They renegotiated the contract, eventually paying Nugent half of the original value to not perform.Yep. Nugent was paid $16,250 to not show up.Just so we’re clear here, Ted Nugent was, at one point, offered thirty-two thousand dollars to play the Fireworks and Freedom Celebration at the Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Center. It almost couldn’t get any sadder. But, then they canceled on him.According to the town’s mayor Jay Dean, Nugent “didn’t really fit what [they] were trying to put together, a family oriented program.” I guess that’s what you get for hiring the “Motor City Madman” to a wholesome July 4th event. At least Longview saved some cash for another headliner!-David Melamed (@DMelamz)[Source: Gawker]last_img read more

Dark Star Jubilee Will Return In 2015

first_imgDark Star Orchestra’s festival, Dark Star Jubilee, has announced their return in 2015. Held from May 22-24 over Memorial Day weekend in Thornville, OH, the festival will see three headlining performances from DSO, and “25 more bands” that will be added in the coming days.“Pre-lineup” pre-sale tickets are currently available for $110, and VIP pre-sale tickets are going for $220. More ticketing information can be found via Mission Tix.last_img

The Districts Rile Up Hometown Philly Crowd Before World Tour, 2/14

first_imgThe Districts begin and end with lead singer and guitarist Rob Grote. While watching him perform, one cannot help but conjure up comparisons to Deer Tick’s John McCauley. Grote uses his gravely voice to work his way through both high-energy rockers and emotional ballads the same way the McCauley has for the past decade. McCauley himself picked up on this, and has tapped The Districts to open for Deer Tick multiple times, including during their 10-year anniversary run at Brooklyn Bowl in December.The band rocked the Valentine’s Day crowd through every song from their recent album, released this past Tuesday, as well as some older fan favorites from their 2013 self-released album, Telephone. They opened with “Rocking Chair,” a good sample of what you will get out of a Districts show: some folk, some rock and roll and even some punk flair during the live show for good measure. Grote commands attention. It is impossible to take your eyes off of him throughout the show. He has a frenetic energy and a voice that surprises you every time he sings a line. His prose is mature and the melodies highly refined. These songs do not sound like they are coming from a band making their major label debut less than a couple years out of high school. Grote has mentioned in past interviews that he does not want their age to be a gimmick, but it is impossible to ignore their youth while being amazed by what they are producing.After the opener, the band transitioned into “Chlorine,” a break-up song that displays the emotion Grote’s vocals can inject into a track as he repeats “It’s such a shame, nobody’s feeling it now / It’s not that way anymore.” In a display of the diversity of their sound, the garage rock, droning “Hounds” followed. The band then broke into “Lyla” off their self-titled EP that broke the crowd into choreographed la-da-di-da’s.The middle of the set was highlighted by “Peaches” and the brooding “Suburban Smell” that Grote performed solo and could describe a glimpse into the decision the band made moving from Lancaster, PA to Philadelphia. Grote sings: “There’s 16 homes on every streetThey all of course lie in the neatest rowsCradling broken homes and dinner prayersRocking us all to sleep in bones.Which one’s mine, I can’t tell?Sick of that suburban smellThey look the same, look the same.”The band ramped up the energy for the final two songs of the set with “Long Distance” and “4th and Roebling.” The former provided the loudest crowd sing-a-long of the evening and was an indication of the admiration the crowd has for their local soon-to-be stars. During the chorus, Grote stepped back and let the crowd shout “Is it easier?” which brought a smile across his face. “We have played here a handful of times, but never did we expect anything like this,” Grote humbly told the crowd referencing the packed, sold out venue. After a quick encore break, Grote returned solo. He told the crowd that the band will not be back in the area for a while, referencing the band’s upcoming world tour (see below), and asked if they could do a few more to the crowd’s approval. Grote opened up the encore with “6AM,” an introspective ballad. “I’m scared and that’s the best that I can say,” he sings. The song moves from the singer’s own insecurities to a lost relationship: “I’m still tugging on your hand, like when I was innocent / We used to only lie when we needed sleep.” While Grote’s confident voice is shown off throughout his songs, he reverts back to his quiet, reserved self in-between songs when he talks to the crowd. It is very clear he is the most comfortable in his own skin when he is performing, which makes songs like “6AM” even more powerful, as it seems to be a true glimpse of him as a person.The song that propelled The Districts onto the scene is “Funeral Beds.” The song opens with Grote on harmonica and returned the set back to its folk-rock roots. The song is a builder. The beginning sounds like a classic Americana song, then slowly snowballs with energy until it bursts open at its apex behind the jumping crowd and Grote’s manic, yet contained vocals. The band closed with the highlight of A Flourish and A Spoil, “Young Blood.” This was the first time the band really showed off their musical chops, with an extended jam towards the end of the song; the hometown crowd feeding off of the band’s energy on stage. The song finishes with the repeated lyric: “It’s a long way down from the top to the bottom / It’s a long way back to a high from where I am.” It is a long way down from the top to the bottom, but the way that The Districts are trending, that distance is soon going to be even greater.Set List:Rocking ChairChlorineHoundsLylaHeavy BegsCall BoxSing The SongPeachesSuburban Smell (Grote solo)BoldLong Distance4th and Roebling——6AM (Grote solo)Funeral BedsYoung BloodThe Districts Tour Dates:17 Feb – Club Café –Pittsburgh, PA18 Feb – Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto, ON20 Feb – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL21 Feb – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI22 Feb – 7th St Entry – Minneapolis, MN24 Feb – Off Broadway – St. Louis, MO25 Feb – Record Bar – Kansas City, MO27 Feb – Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO28 Feb – Kilby Court – Salt Lake City, UT2 March – Doug Fir – Portland, OR3 March – Fortune – Vancouver, BC4 March – Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA6 March – The Independent – San Francisco, CA7 March – Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA8 March – The Casbah – San Diego, CA10 March – Last Exit – Phoenix, AZ11 March- Club Congress – Tuscon, AZ13 March- The Loft – Dallas, TX14 March- Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX15 March- Gasa Gasa – New Orleans, LA16 March- Proud Larry’s – Oxford, MS22 March- The Bottletree – Birmingham, AL23 March- Aisle 5 – Atlanta, GA24 March- The Grey Eagle – Asheville, NC26 March- Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC27 March- Rock N Roll Hotel – Washington, DC 9 April- Rotunde – Brussels, Belgium10 April- Motel Mozaique – Rotterdam, Netherlands11 April- Luxor – Cologne, Germany13 April- Uebel & Gefahrlich – Hamburg, Germany14 April- Little Vega – Copenhagen, Denmark16 April- Lido- Berlin, Germany17 April- B72 – Vienna, Austria18 April- Strom – Munich, Germany 20 April- Hafenkneipe – Zurich, Switzerland21 April- Magnolia – Milan, Italy23 April- Zoom – Frankfurt, Germany24 April- London Calling – Amsterdam, Netherlands27 April- Green Door Store – Brighton, UK28 April- Scala- London, UK29 April- Deaf Institute – Machester, UK30 April- King Tuts – Glasgow, Scotland2 May- Academy 2 – Dublin, Ireland16 May- Hangout Festival- Gulf Shores, AL5 June- Governor’s Ball – Randall’s Island Park, NYC11-14 June- Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival- Manchester, TN21 Aug- P Stereo Festival- Trondheim, Norway Last night felt like a culmination of sorts. The Districts‘ show at Union Transfer in Philadelphia was another measure of the band’s meteoric rise in popularity. Last October, the band opened up for Temples at the same venue, putting on a rocking show that nearly eclipsed the headliners. A few months later, and the band has released their major-label debut A Flourish and A Spoil, made their national television debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and found themselves on many major festival lineups (Bonnaroo, Sasquatch, Hangout Fest). Now, on Valentine’s Day, The Districts returned to Union Transfer as headliners, and performed to a sold out crowd.last_img read more

Bear Creek Announces Initial Lineup

first_imgBear Creek Festival at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL welcomes top-notch artists for their initial 2015 lineup! The festival will take place October 1-4.Galactic feat. Macy Gray, Soulive, Dumpstaphunk, Victor Wooten, The Motet, Pee Wee Ellis and the Assembly, Khris Royal and Dark Matter, Freekbass and The London Souls have all been slated for this year’s festival, which will take place six weeks earlier than its usual date. Fingers crossed for warmer weather!More artists TBA. Get tickets here.last_img

Dopapod Goes ‘Off The Cuff’ In Los Angeles With Special Guest

first_imgDopapod is on the cusp of something special. There is a natural, organic feel to the growth that is taking place between members Eli Winderman, Rob Compa, Scotty Zwang, Chuck Jones and Luke Stratton. Since their huge set at Bonnaroo a few weeks ago, the band is flowing effortlessly, with each member taking his opportunity to steer the jam. On Thursday night in Los Angeles at The Teragram Ballroom the band proved just that, playing songs from all four of their studio albums.Watch Dopapod Play The Biggest Set Of Their Careers At BonnarooThe night began with “Bubble Brain” off of 2012’s Redivider, which is a song that, at times, makes you feel like you are in a futuristic version of Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Their performance at The Teragram Ballroom also featured a special guest, drummer Scotty Zwang’s old band mate and up and coming LA based blues guitarist, Lou Pine. Lou joined a super funky and soulful version of “Off the Cuff” that took a bluesy turn. Everyone in attendance seemed to thoroughly enjoy the interplay between the band and Pine.Dopapod’s Chuck Jones Talks Bonnaroo, Werk Out… And Britney SpearsA second set “Bats in the Cave” allowed keyboardist Eli Winderman to go off on the keys, playing some seriously space-out and funky synth-organ tones. The “French Bowling” (off of 2011’s Drawn Onward) that Dopapod played to end the second set left everyone in awe as the band is able to play with this frenetic energy that brings the crowd into a sheer fevered state of bliss. This was definitely not a show to miss. Dopapod is currently on tour, check for tour dates here. Setlist: 7/9/15- Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles CAPresent Ghosts, Bubble Brain, Sonic, Job for a Man, Off the Cuff*, FABA, World is Waiting for the Sunrise&, Donkey Kong Theme -> Jurassic Park Theme -> Indian Grits -> Bubble House^ -> STADA%, French Bowling, Psycho NatureE: Upside of Down > Bluetooth*w/ Lou Pine on guitar&Les Paul and Mary Ford cover^Medeski Martin and Wood cover%completed version from previous night in San Diego[photos courtesy of David Novin @DN Photos]last_img read more

Phish’s Magnaball Raises Over $700,000 For Local Economy

first_imgNot only did Phish delight the droves of fans who showed up at Magnaball, but the band provided an awesome boost to the local economy of Watkins Glen, NY. Watkins Glen International reports that between state and local taxes, the three-day festival generated $720,000!Even Michael Printup, President of Watkins Glen International was impressed with the turnout, saying “Any time you have the opportunity to bring 30,000 people to a facility for an extended weekend; the surrounding area is going to see an increase in potential customers from that. We’re happy to hear an overwhelming majority of businesses saw this as a positive boost.”Top 20 Photos From Phish’s Magnaball Festival By Dave VannLocal business owner Kevin Murphy echoed those sentiments as well. He says, “Magnaball couldn’t have been better for us. We experienced an unexpected increase in business, in addition to the opportunity to meet and work with some professional and pleasant people. The weekend had a very positive economic impact and exposed our wonderful community to thousands of people.”Listen To A Playlist Of Mike Gordon’s Favorite Songs From Phish’s Summer TourHere’s to hoping Magnaball wasn’t the last time the Vermont Four return to Watkins!last_img read more

Listen To Moe.’s Full Star Wars-Themed Halloween Performance From 2015

first_imgLoad remaining images moe. hit the Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA for an outrageous Halloween performance. With a “Star Wars” theme, the band came dressed in full costumes for one of their best performances to date.The show included a number of modified lyrics for the occasion, including “St. Augustine” as “Senator Palpatine”, “Shoot First” as “Han Shot First”, “Moth” as “Hoth”, and “Yodelittle” as “Yoda.Little”.The band also debuted some incredibly-appropriate covers throughout the night, including The Byrds’ “Mr. Spaceman”, Frank Zappa’s “Cosmik Debris”, David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust”, Weird Al’s “Yoda”, and Meco’s “Disco Wars”. Of course there were a number of Star Wars original tunes included, like “Cantina Band”, “Star Wars Overture”, and “The Imperial March”.You can listen to the full show streaming below, courtesy of taper Brian V.Check out a series of videos from the performance, below. Check out the full setlist from this incredible performance below:Setlist: moe. at The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA – 10/31/15I: Star Wars Overture1 > Senator Palpatine2, Mr. Spaceman3, Cantina Band1, Cosmik Debris4, Han Shot First5 > Interstellar Overdrive > Hoth6II: The Imperial March1 >(nh) Ziggy Stardust7, Silver Sun, Jazz Wank > Buster > Yoda.Little8Enc: Plane Crash, Yoda9, Disco Wars10 > Cantina Band1 > Disco Wars101 – FTP (cover – John Williams / LSO)2 – St. Aug with altered lyrics3 – FTP (cover – The Byrds)4 – FTP (cover – Frank Zappa) > jim. vox5 – Shoot 1st w/ altered lyrics6 – Moth with altered lyrics7 – FTP (cover – David Bowie)8 – Yodelittle with altered lyrics9 – FTP (cover – Weird Al Yankovic / The Kinks)10 – FTP (cover – Meco)[Photo via Dave DeCrescente – more to come soon!]last_img read more

Wanee Announces Top-Notch Lineup For 2016 Festival

first_imgWanee Festival has just dropped a great lineup for 2016! Taking place from April 14-16 in the Spirit of Suwannee Park in Live Oak, FL, the festival will see headlining performances from Widespread Panic (x2), Gregg Allman, Gov’t Mule, Les Brers (a project fronted by ABB drummer Butch Trucks) and Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band.You can read more about Les Brers in this L4LM exclusive interview with drummer Butch Trucks.The lineup will see a number of great performances, including Billy & The Kids, Warren Haynes and The Ashes & Dust Band, Umphrey’s McGee (x2), Hot Tuna w/ Steve Kimock, Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers, North Mississippi All-Stars w/ Anders Osborne (NMO!), Conspirator, Soulive, Wood Brothers, Stanley Clarke Band, Oteil & Friends and so many more.You can check out the full lineup below, or head to the festival’s website for details. Tickets go on sale this Monday, December 14th, at 10 AM Eastern.last_img read more

Kung Fu Announces First Album With New Keyboardist Beau Sasser

first_imgFunkers extraordinaire Kung Fu have just announced plans to release a brand new studio album. Titled Joyride, the album features nine original new tracks, including two that were written in the studio and have never been heard! The album is due out in March, and pre-sale information will be available soon via Kung Fu’s website. This is Kung Fu’s first release since 2014’s Tsar Bomba, (read the L4LM review here) which featured the band’s former keyboardist Todd Stoops. Kung Fu has been tearing it up with Beau Sasser on the keys, alongside a killer lineup that features Tim Palmieri, Adrian Tramontano, Robert Somerville, and Chris DeAngelis.Kung Fu promises to share some previews of the new album over the coming weeks. Until then, scope the tracklisting below:Joyride Tracklisting Daddy D Chin MusicVroomJoyRideSpeedbump Of Your Love Prime Time RibThe GetdownGold CoastSamurailast_img read more