Dominica advised to establish drug treatment court

first_imgOn a daily basis there are few homeless people and drug addicts who roam the City and beg for moneyAn official of the Caribbean block of the Committee for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency has called on Dominica consider establishing a drug treatment court to address challenges which affect the tourism industry, namely; vagrancy, violence and drug abuse.The Association, through its president Victor Roach, issued a statement on state owned DBS Radio on Tuesday 7th May, in support of a call by Tourism Minister Ian Douglas for action to arrest these challenges. “The whole issue of the vagrancy that continues on the Bayfront; we have to do something as a caring people, we have to arrest that situation,” Ian Douglas said at the 2013 Tourism Industry Awards on Wednesday 1st May.Mr Douglas stated further that vagrancy can singularly undermine the future development of the sector. The president also called on those responsible for law and order to involve all stakeholders in finding solutions to reduce the treats to tourism. “The Commonwealth of Dominica cannot afford to ignore vagrancy, violence and drug abuse given the importance of tourism to the livelihood of the Dominican community,” Mr Roach said.While Mr Roach admitted that vagrancy is not a crime, he said because vagrants can commit crime, efforts should be made to detect the underlying cause of vagrancy such as addictions, poverty, homelessness, lack of employable skills and the mental health factor.“When vagrants come in contact with the criminal justice system, this is an ideal opportunity to offer them help supervised by the court and treatment services. The drug treatment court system he explained integrates treatment services with justice, treatment, sanctions and incentives and monitoring by frequent drug abuse testing. According to Mr Roach, the benefits of this approach includes separation of minors from hardened criminals, reduction of recidivism, participants stay longer in getting help, in treatment, participants also have better outcomes and the approach is cost effective. “When the vagrant commits a crime that is a moment of opportunity and once they cooperate with the court, any intended punishment can be made and the person can get all the help that they need,” Mr Roach noted.The International Commission for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (ICPA) is a non-sectarian, non-political organization placing the spotlight of science on alcoholism and other drug dependencies. It also seeks to reveal the impact of such dependencies upon the economic, political, social, and religious life of the nation and point up effective preventive actions. Their mission is mainly prevention, education and advocacy. Dominica Vibes News Share LocalNews Dominica advised to establish drug treatment court by: – May 8, 2013 13 Views no discussions Sharecenter_img Tweet Sharing is caring! Sharelast_img

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