Battery Holders Now in Tape & Reel Packaging Makes Automated Assembly Easier

first_imgTheir nickel-plated phosphor bronze construction provides good conductivity and strength. Two metal arms secure the battery to the contact patch. Battery holders from Linx Connectors are now available in tape and reel packaging, which makes it easier to use automated assembly techniques. Linx has tape and reel in stock for the popular BAT-HLD-001 surface-mount battery holders for CR2032 coin cells. Tape and reel is also available for through-hole mount CR2032 holders as well as surface and through-hole mount holders fitting CR1216, CR1225, CR2016 and CR2025 coin cells. For cost-sensitive, space-constrained applications involving computers, remote controls and other compact electronics, surface and through-hole mount battery holders from Linx Connectors are a smart choice.last_img

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