Isola’s RF-Substrate Conversion Program Gains Momentum in Partnership with InnoSenT and KSG

first_imgIsola Group has announced partnership with KSG Leiterplatten GmbH and InnoSenT GmbH. Together the three companies successfully tailored the dielectric properties of Isola’s high-performance I-Tera® MT laminate material to match the properties of an incumbent product. Test results show that I-Tera MT delivers a lower insertion loss, thereby increasing the safety margin of the systems designed.Isola’s dielectric substrates will now be used on existing volume products produced by InnoSenT, and the printed circuit boards will be manufactured by KSG. The conversion to Isola’s materials provides InnoSenT with higher performance material without modifying the metallization of the PCB.Isola’s RF-engineering team worked closely with technical teams of KSG and InnoSenT. They used an extensive suite of electronic design automation tools in the conversion initiative, including simulation models of the critical test structures used to characterize the properties of PCBs. These simulations and analyses were able to target the required dielectric constant (Dk) of I-Tera MT and then, engineer to match the desired Dk at the operating frequency. They also analysed the tailored I-Tera MT materials using multiple techniques to verify and validate the desired Dk. I-Tera MT materials are currently in scale-up for production.Relevant Links:Isola Group Laminates on everything RFFind and Compare RF Laminate Products from the leading manufacturerslast_img

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