New Automotive Sensor Kit Combines the Best of LiDAR & Radar Technologies

first_imgVayyar’s new automotive sensor kit includes Vayyar’s 77-81 GHz ASIC, including 48 transceivers on a chip with internal DSP. It includes a sophisticated array of antennas and a USB interface. The company’s powerful sensors reduce the overall cost and number of sensors needed for the vehicle, resulting in a better driving experience and increasing the possibilities for in-car sensor capabilities for tier 1 customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).Vayyar’s Automotive Evaluation Kit enables: Vayyar Imaging has released a new Automotive Evaluation Kit (EVK). The new sensor kit delivers the world’s most advanced System on a Chip (SOC) for mmWave 3D imaging for the automotive industry. With this kit, Vayyar brings point cloud technology to radar, increasing the radar’s resolution and capabilities, while reducing costs and minimizing the need for other sensors within the vehicle.The automotive industry, according to Raviv Melamed, Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of Vayyar, has long sought a technology that can bridge the gap between radar and LiDar, and now Vayyar, has become the first to address that need with the creation of the world’s most-advanced radio frequency sensor technology. The new automotive sensors, according to him, are powerful enough to enable radar with point cloud capabilities and have high enough resolution to differentiate between objects even in bad lighting or harsh weather conditions. It will help protect drivers and prevent accidents even in the most severe conditions. Breathing monitoring Location monitoring and activity level indication Emergency life detection in the case of an accident (including number of people and their status) Passenger counting Assisted parking and driving Point cloud representation Lane switch and blind spot detectionlast_img

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