Riga Marathon intends to move those sitting on the couch /…

first_imgThe challenge is to turn the most sedentary into joy for a month, from 3 to 30 August, by inviting them to walk 5 km every day, which is less than 10,000 steps, or 35 km a week, accumulating 140 km throughout the month. For motivation, five smart devices for counting steps and kilometers will be drawn every week, and at the end – three bicycles. In order to follow the participants of the challenge, data on the Top25 most active walkers will be collected and published every week, as well as other interesting statistics on which is the most active time of day to walk, which are the most active days and which walk more – ladies or gentlemen.“Kuplinot Rimi Riga list of marathon challenges, we also want to draw the attention of people who do not exercise every day, calling to move every day, without assessing whether it is just a lazy walk in nature or a path measured on foot to work or home. Every step is a movement, and it counts. We want to promote pleasant habits that create joy and improve well-being. The condition of the challenge is to walk at least 5 km a day or 35 km a week – this is enough to have the desire to imagine the movements more often in everyday life and to feel the joy of the movements, ”explains t / c Alfa manager Liene Apine.Registration Walking with Alpha challengeYou must register to participate in the challenge Rimi Riga Marathon Run Club www.rimirigamarathonvc.com and add any of the popular running apps or devices that sync data to the Running Club. In the section Challenges must be found Walking with Alpha and must register. Gradually get in the habit of both going to or from work at home on foot and turning on your app or device every time Walking activity. Registration and participation in the challenge is free. A more detailed description of the challenge is available Rimi Riga Marathon Running club. Detailed instructions for registration can be found here.The goal of the challenge is to walk at least 35 km a week from August 3 to 30, which would be an average of 5 km a day. These would be less than 10,000 steps a day, which healthy lifestyle ambassadors and supporters advise everyone to try to overcome every day to feel good in their bodies. The main condition – 35 km in a week, at least 140 km in four weeks.“So far we have talked more with the active part of the society, which is already moving and running, but now, together with our seasonal event center Alfa we also want to address the less sedentary couchers or office workers who tend to sit at work and forget about their physical well-being. Paradoxically, physical well-being ensures more efficient work, so dedicating an hour to yourself and your health every day should be introduced as a priority, to which other no less important things are subordinated, ”says Aigars Nords, Director of Rimi Riga Marathon.ResultsAt the beginning of each week, the results of the previous week will be summarized with the TOP 25 most successful participants in the overall ranking, in the men’s and women’s groups. Following up Facebook.com/Alfacentrs, everyone will be able to be inspired and compare with their results by finding out – what are their favorite days of walking and time of day, which moves more every day – women or men – as well as the average number of kilometers traveled per day.For motivation Alfa has won three major awards – bicycles for a more mobile lifestyle, and promotional awards each week – five step and odometer counters.Since January of this year t / c Alfa has become the center of events for the Marathon season. So far, two educational running schools have been implemented together, which have gained special popularity among runners. Alfas Cinamon Cinema, bringing together more than half a thousand people, as well as Sunday trainings, with several hundred participants each, which will be resumed on the first weekend of September and will last until Rimi for the Riga Marathon.last_img

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