PFL fighters reveal what they’d spend $1 million on if they win playoffs

first_imgJoin DAZN and watch more than 100 fight nights a yearHere’s what they said:Lance Palmer, 2018 PFL featherweight championOn what he’d do with $1 million: “I’ll focus on making smart investments, similar to what I did last year. I want to continue to build into my retirement for me and my family, that’s very important. I also want to give where I can to people who take care of me and have helped me earn the $1 million — people who supported me when I had negative in my bank account, but knew that I had potential. But overall, really for me it’s not about the money. It’s about growing my legacy and becoming a two-time PFL Champion.”Guilty purchase: “I think I already made my guilty purchase last time around when I bought a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and another Dodge Grand Cherokee Hellcat. I think I have enough toys for now.”Where the bulk of the money would go toward: “I would say the bulk would go into investment accounts and retirement accounts. I just want my money to continue to grow for me and that has been a key learning experience for me. I want to ensure my hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste, but continues to grow for me and my family.”Magomed Magomedkerimov, 2018 PFL welterweight championOn what he’d do with $1 million: “When I get another $1 million, I’m going to invest most of it into business. The career of an athlete is not too long, so we need to take care of our future first and foremost.”Guilty purchase: “Hard to say what could be a ‘guilty-spending purchase,’ but I would feel guilty about losing money in the casino!”Where the bulk of the money would go toward: “As I said, I will invest in some kind of business and I will donate some money for sure. I’m really interested in helping people in need.”Chris Curtis, 2019 PFL welterweightOn what he’d do with $1 million: “I wanted to buy a tiger, but apparently that’s not legal in Vegas anymore. So I don’t know, maybe buy a house.”Guilty purchase: “Chinchilla coat.”Where the bulk of the money would go toward: “Retirement! I’m not doing this when I’m 40!”Vinny Magalhaes, 2018 light heavyweight runner-pOn what he’d do with $1 million: “I’ll likely invest in a house and save the rest. I know I could do a bit more, but there’s nothing at the moment that I need that I feel like I’d only be able to achieve after winning the championship.”Guilty purchase: “Since I’m a bit of a sneakerhead, I’d probably buy some sneakers that I’ve been flirting with, but I’d be killed by my wife if I bought them now!”Where the bulk of the money would go toward: “Save some, and then send a decent chunk to my uncle … his name is Sam.”Chris Wade, 2018 lightweight semifinalistOn what he’d do with $1 million: “Use it to become loaded. You gotta have money to make money.”Guilty purchase: “I’m going to buy a dope boat for Long Island summers to go with the jet skis.”Where the bulk of the money would go toward: “To the IRS. I’m going to make sure my daughter is set and then it’s time to roll the dice. Scared money don’t make no money.”Alex Nicholson, 2018 PFL heavyweight semifinalistOn what he’d do with $1 million: “I’ll invest in starting a few of my own small businesses and save for my son’s future. I’ll also pay off my car and help my family as much as I can.”Guilty purchase: “Definitely a chain upgrade!” There’s no doubt that $1 million could be life-changing.With the Professional Fighters League playoffs beginning Friday and eventually awarding that cool $1 million to each of its six division winners, Sporting News thought to ask several fighters how they might spend that money if they’re able to run the table. Where the bulk of the money would go toward: “I want to continue to win, save and invest … just get in that cycle.”Kayla Harrison, 2019 PFL women’s lightweightOn what she’d do with $1 million: “The bulk apparently goes to taxes, but I want to focus on my foundation and continuing to grow that and make an impact.”Guilty purchase: “A very nice vacation!”last_img

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