first_imgan asset to civilisation and natureIf you ever have a burning desire of touring nature at its best without losing a touch of civilisation, think Bartica. The newly commissioned town offers a variety of refreshing and breath-taking activities to nature lovers and to persons who wish to get away from the neatly crafted tarred roads.Bartica is located approximately 42 miles from the City; however the duration of the trip to the town depends upon the mode of transportation.Not so long ago, Jags Aviation Inc (JAI) launched their brand new aircraft, Cessna Caravan EX that has the capacity to accommodate 13 passengers. JAI offers three flights per week to the town. Bartica is also accessible by road but it is known as the longest route, and is usually ruled out by many.Public water taxis are available from Parika, East Bank Essequibo but would require you to take other transportations to reach your destination of nature at its best. Also, there is a ferry that operates from Parika to Bartica which is cheaper but takes much longer.A site of interestAerial view of a section of BarticaThese young people enjoying football on the beachWhichever mode of transportation is used, a mighty scope of discoveries awaits you.There are a number of refreshing beaches that encompasses every aspect of recreation. On many of these beaches, one can find poles stuck in the sand representing goal posts along with huge speaker boxes blasting music to the beach lover’s choice.If by any chance you choose not to soak in the mighty Essequibo River that along the town, a number of hotels offer stylish swimming pools that are more secluded.In this amazing budding international tourist site, you can be sure to gear your taste buds to a variety of drinks and food. While you are soaking up the sun or toasting to your “buddies” there are endless wild meats to satisfy your taste buds. If you are not a lover of meat, not to worry, there is a range of fresh caught fish that are scrumptiously prepared.The most anticipated tourist event is the annual Bartica Regatta held during the Easter weekend which features a variety of exciting activities including water sports (main event – boat racing); cricket, football; boxing; talent shows; musical concerts, street parades, and an exhilarating Miss Bartica Regatta Pageant.Throughout the years, the event has earned itself a place on the National Tourism Calendar by attracting much investment, sponsorship and multitudes of tourists from near and far.Over the years, there have been several initiatives aimed at developing and promoting domestic tourism. The Bartica Summer Regatta remains one such feature that continues to grow rapidly, providing the perfect opportunity for thousands of tourists and locals to experience Guyana’s unique blend of culture.Like any other town, there are secondary, primary and nursery schools, and a number of churches of different denominations.All of the commodities that a town possess, Bartica comprises, but what makes this town exceptional is its bountiful nature-oriented places.last_img

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