Violation of women’s rights

first_imgDear Editor,Kindly allow me to share my experiences and views as it relates to the constant violation of the rights of women in our society today. If we don’t take immediate steps to affect a sharp turnaround, Guyana will become a totally soulless nation.How can a man claim that he loves his wife, his daughter, his sister, or his mother, while he takes advantage of someone else’s wife, someone else’s daughter, someone else’s sister or someone else’s mother – to please his sinful desires? How can he on one hand, respect the female members of his own family and on the other, torment other women with daily physical, mental and emotional abuse?How can this same man speak highly of a child of his loins, when he brags to his friends about abusing another man’s daughter?How can a man claim to value the feelings, emotions and physical well-being of his own daughter, while he violates those same human privileges of another man’s daughter?Is it that the men in our society today lack the basic common sense to know that women are the ones who carve and nurture our societies? If you break down the women of our society then you break down the future of our citizenry. If you break down our women then you break their ability to mould – not only our future girls, but our future boys as well.It is my personal experience that men in our society are afraid of strong women and when they come in contact with one, they purposely attempt to break, torment and abuse her. Their main intent is to break her to the point where she becomes weak and only then will this man be able to conquer her or develop a relationship with her.Further, men in our society seem to be afraid of being in relationships with strong women simply because of their own inabilities. Such inabilities are usually the result of being brought up themselves by a broken woman. They will in turn, break their wives who will in turn, raise boys with those same inabilities – and the circle will continue.Everyone has a right to be respected, the right to be appreciated and the right to be loved. Let’s educate our boys and enable them to empower and encourage the women in their lives. If we wait to explain this principle to grown men, we’ve waited much too late.Sincerely,Ann Marie Lykenlast_img

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