Robotic Process Automation: IT Departments Resist RPA Implementations

first_imgCXX roles within organizations love automation. A survey from Deloitte found that 72 percent of CXX roles are highly supportive of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Some of the benefits of RPA include cost reduction, speed, and quality.Larry Nash, recruiter at Ernst and Young (EY), said that “every very minute not spent by an employee monitoring CPE [continuing professional education] reports can be better spent elsewhere. Once such HR processes are automated, the benefits accrue year after year.”The Deloitte survey found that, within organizations, that IT departments were the least likely to be supportive of RPA. The survey found that “the IT organization remains the least supportive stakeholder when it comes to RPA. It can be difficult to move RPA up the priority list of IT organizations when they are often focused on more immediately pressing and large-scale challenges of keeping the lights on,migrating estates to the cloud, and preparing for next-generation ERP.”last_img

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