We thought that earlier pothole was big but then we saw this

first_imgEARLIER TODAY WE published this photo of a ginormous hole on a road in Tramore which was caused by the bad weather of recent days.Pretty hard to top something that dramatic – but it already has competition. Sorry, giant hole.Reader Richard Wall sent us in these photographs from Ballybunion in Kerry of a big hole in the road right beside the coastline. Richard even got into the hole just to see how big it was.“There was a small hole at the bottom you could get in through so it wasn’t as risky as it looked,” Richard said. “Didn’t stay there any longer than I needed though*”.We’re not hole-ologists (editor’s note: you mean geologists, right? Also: You’re fired) so it’s hard to tell which hole is bigger or deeper, but needless to say, they’re both hole-y impressive. (Sorry).*Note: We’re all adults here – well, most of us at least – but just so it’s clear: Don’t try this at home. Or on the streets. Or on any giant hole you come across, really. All photos: @TheRichardWallPhoto: Biggest Pothole Ever Pic of the Day > Photo: Road is in Shite Pic of the Day >last_img

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