Hacked Nexus Q becomes 300 Pong machine

first_imgThe biggest problem with the Nexus Q is that most people don’t know what to do with it. As a standalone device it is a lot of fun, but most people who are interested in Google’s services on their television already have an appliance of some sort that completes most of those tasks.The answer to the Nexus Q‘s impending worth evaluation is it’s hackability. As it was announced on stage at Google IO, the device is open for developers to do whatever they want with it. So, what do you do with a $300 zinc sphere with a free spinning touch surface? If you are one of the guys from the app developer firm BrickSimple, you make a very expensive Pong machine.BrickSimple’s 33 second YouTube videoabove shows what happens when you give a geek a new toy with a note on it from Google saying “just hack on it, see what you come up with”.The rotating surface of the Nexus Q now serves its newfound purpose as the controller for a game of “Brick Breaker“, in which you turn the would be volume control surface left or right to guide your Pong paddle to the necessary place to bounce the ball and stay alive. At the end of the brief video, BrickSimple includes a small code snippet to help show how they accomplished this, in the hopes that it would inspire further development and maybe some other games.Is this the true calling of the Nexus Q? Will the guys at BrickSimple roll out the features we’ve always wanted from classic Pong, like multiplayer online gameplay, or an global leaderboard? Will we be able to customize the color of our paddle on the screen, and have the light ring on the Nexus Q match? Will the Q strobe red when you drop the ball? There’s so many questions without answers from this brief video.via Engadgetlast_img

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